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Coach Bill Belichick

The New England Patriots hosted “Dinner with Coach” in June that I attended with my good friend.

Q&A with Coach Belichick. I asked: “How important is the Wonderlic test and IQ for scouting and draft picks?” BB: “First, IQ isn’t football intelligence. I’ve coached guys with 1550 SATs who can’t figure stuff out on the field. We’ve had single digit Wonderlic score guys who had good Football IQ. Also, Concentration isn’t IQ but it has the same effect. Lack of concentration causes mistakes and is a red flag. Sometimes medication can help. Sometimes it can’t. Reading intelligence which the Wonderlic measures is different from spatial or visual cues. We look at a variety of measures to judge intelligence but we like smart players.”

“I watched the Giants growing up. Are the Giants teams you coached still the recipe for today’s team? Isn’t Gronk the modern version of Mark Bavaro? Edelman – Phil McConkey?” BB: “First, Mark Bavaro is at the top of the list for tight ends. I coached against him everyday at practice. He competed every day vs. Carl Banks, Lawrence Taylor, Pepper Johnson and those guys. Epic battles. McConkey got a late start and was really a returner. Edelman does more and is starting receiver. The other thing about Mark is that he is a quiet guy. Gronk is….” crowd laughed.

Michael Deshown Ford

NFL Football Player

Michael Deshown Ford (born May 27, 1990) is an NFL running back who is currently a free agent. Ford was signed by the Chicago Bears after going undrafted in the 2013 NFL Draft, and played college football at LSU.

Place of birth: Leesville, Louisiana
High school: Leesville (LA)
College: Louisiana State
Undrafted: 2013

Career history
Chicago Bears (2013−2014)
Hamilton Tiger-Cats (2015)
Atlanta Falcons (2015)*
Hamilton Tiger-Cats (2015)
Saskatchewan Rough Riders (2016)

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