About Michael Ford

Welcome to MichaelFord.com  – The Official Website of Michael Ford.

Michael Ford is Founder & CEO of Skydeo, Inc., a leading provider of mobile audience data to programmatic advertisers.   Prior to starting Skydeo in 2015, Mike led the mobile gaming vertical for Yieldmo, a mobile ad network and served as Chief Marketing Executive a Boston software company.

Mike has worked in the online advertising and enterprise technology companies including Didit Search Marketing,  Quigo Technologies (sold to AOL for $330M), Axeda Systems (IoT), Computer Associates and Toshiba.  He began his career on the consumer side helping pioneer BOSE Corporation’s consumer direct selling model.

Computer.com, a technology media company, gained notoriety during the dotcom explosion in 1999.  As co-founder and President he grew the classic name-on-a-napkin, garage start-up into a highly-publicized player and then sold it to Office Depot.  From raising funds, developing and launching the product to appearing in Computer.com’s Super Bowl ads, he was instrumental to the company’s fast trajectory and exit.

He has been a guest speaker for Inc. Magazine CEO Conference, Boston College and has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Boston Globe, NY Times, Ad Week, Ad Age, San Jose Mercury News, Boston Business Journal, Mass High Tech, The Today Show and Good Morning America.  

Ford has been an investor or advisor for several startups including Beer.com, Creditcards.com, Diamond.com and Music.com.   

Mike received a Bachelors degree from the University of Albany and completed his MBA studies at Boston College.   

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